Television and Film

Television and film are great passions with most members of the UK Nepali community, at least as much as in Nepal itself. Across the course of the information resource creation and content gathering there were many occasions where we/UKNFS were able to join and enjoy evenings with families (such as Kripesh Adhikari and Lata Khanal at the Bournemouth community) in which Nepali and Indian TV formed backdrops to wonderful conversation and delicious Nepali meals. 

A typical social evening in involves TV (Western and Nepali/Indian via internet or pay-view), sometimes a new or famous Nepali or Indian/Bollywood film, but also too talent and challenge shows such as Khatron Ke Khiladi, Nepal Roadies, Nepal’s Got Talent, India’s Got Talent, and for comedy the world renowned Kapil Sharma Show

Nepali snacks are served, and later a main course such as particularly Dal  Bhat with meat or vegetable curry, and depending on age and gender alcohol-free or alcoholic drinks (sometimes even Nepali such as Chyang).  In terms  of conversation topics these usually include about families, friends, events in Nepal, issues and experiences of daily life including in work/study in the UK.  Sometimes male only groups of friends (‘sathi haru’) may play cards, too.

Beyond this, in the Farnborough – Aldershot area, London and other locations of significant Nepali population new Nepali films are often premiered (poster image at top of this page from Sapan Entertainment Ltd of Mr Sapan Kumar Rai) with lead actors and actresses, producers and directors coming from Nepal for such premier showings of their films.  At a different level, there are also UK Nepali community film clubs where community members gather to see famous and favourite films, and of course to socialise and catch up on news.  The Empire Banqueting Hall on Aldershot High Street is home to such a film club, for instance.

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