Sherpa Gallery

This gallery contains images from the Sherpa section of the information resource, from Sherpa peoples homelands in Nepal, to culture and society.

Mr Sana Sherpa, Chair of the Sherpa Association UK, on the occasion of Losar 2020. Mr Sherpa and the Sherpa Association UK provided invaluable guidance and support to the heritage project over two years

In the High Himalaya

Solu Kumbu and the main Sherpa lands on the Nepal border with Tibet

Mr Sana Sherpa, family members and some of the Committee members of the Sherpa Association UK, 2019

Ceremony of blessing of Losar 2020 Programme with Ambassador of Nepal to the UK presentation: Ashford, Kent

Sherpa women in traditional attire: Nepal

Yak, with High Himalaya in background

Mrs Mingma Sherpa to right, with husband centre, and daughter to left, wearing traditional Sherpa costume: Losar 2020, Ashford, Kent

Some traditional Sherpa and Nepali snacks: Losat 2020: Ashford, Kent

Riki Kur — traditional Sherpa butter and potato omelette

In place of honour, our concluding image is of a spiritual and religious nature — both central to Sherpa culture that follows Himalayan and Nepali-Tibetan shamanic and Tibetan religious-spiritual faiths and cultures: an example of Thangka Sherpa – Tibetan religious iconographic painting.

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