Shankar Raj Adhikar, UKNFS advisor for Nepal landscapes and culture, Nepal photographs collection

The UKNFS is very pleased to provide in this gallery a set of images (some from online research, and some original) provided by Mr Shankar Raj Adhikar, UKNFS Nepal landscapes and culture educational photographs and photography Advisor.

The images in this exceptional gallery range from representing spiritual and sublime Nature subjects to utilitarian: from the highest Himalaya and the Pokhara – Fishtail Mountain and Sherpa and Lama peoples districts, to the Terai and social, architectural, and domestic subjects. Whilst a small number of the images provided to the UKNFS were made on research by Mr Adhikar, most were photographs taken by Shankar himself based on rare and exceptional moments and locations.

Himalayan and landscape images

Spiritual subjects and related images

Other images:

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