How to Use Information Resource Content

Structure of the Resource/Book:

The information resource core content comprises the UK Nepali Diaspora section, and especially the main section of the resource, Culture Themes, both of which are introduced, with their settings descriptions on the Introduction page, accessed (above) from this section of the information resource.

As website viewers will see, the core content of the information resource comprises two sections – the UK Nepali Diaspora section (in two parts), and the larger, Culture Themes section (in five parts).  Taken together, both main sections contain invaluable content for the following purposes and related audiences:

  1. National government to local government and public services organisations providing services, or seeking to provide or expand improved service provision to UK Nepali community members, and where relevant elements of the broader general public with an active interest in UK Nepali community and UK Nepali community cultural, arts, and social heritage information provision
  2. Educational institutes, schools, colleges, universities, museums and galleries, sports organisations with an active interest in UK Nepali community and UK Nepali community cultural, arts, and social heritage information provision
  3. UK Nepali community organisations (national to local area levels) with an active interest in need for UK Nepali community overview profile information in regard to representing and supporting Nepali community members in terms of engagement with public services, local authorities, national government and other national agencies concerning all of the latter being more effective in supporting the needs of community members and their voice on the services they receive, and on important consultations and engagements all of the above facilitate

In regard to both 1 and 3, the UK Nepali Diaspora section of the website’s  page will be particularly relevant. 

Regarding 2, the Culture Themes section of the website ( will be particularly relevant, but with where required reference to both parts of the UK Nepali Diaspora section of the website. 

For all three needs and audiences, the e-book/PDF version of the information resource will provide comprehensive content.

Use of resources & attributions of use:

The UKNFS invites all of the three potential audiences/beneficiaries to utilise content on this website, and in the accompanying e-book/PDF to support their work and activities.  We request that the content, when used attributes both the UKNFS in terms of sources of information cited, and the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) that has enabled creation of the content.

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