History Gallery

This gallery commences with a portrait of the King of Gorkha and founder of Nepal, His Majesty Prithvi Narayan Shah (late 18th Century), below, and concludes a map of the Empire of the Gorkhas, and a portrait of Bhim Datta Panta (whose symbolic connection with the UK reaches to a legenday figure in English history and myth)

His Majesty Prithvi Narayan Shah

Kathmandu image from the 19th Century

His Majesty, Jung Bahadur Rana: founder of the Rana Dynasty in the mid-19th Century and former Prime Minister of Nepal. Key figure in developing the early 19th Century Nepal – Britain (colonialist era) special relationship, and first monarch of Nepal to visit the UK in the Victorian era

Late 18th to mid/second half of the 19th Century, map of the Greater Nepal (Empire of the Gorkhas) area

Bhim Datta Panta (of Dadeldhura)– hero and martyr: Nepal’s equivalent of England’s ‘Robin Hood.’

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