Culture Gallery

This gallery covers a number of subjects cultural nature (excluding visual [painting, etc.] and craftsmanship/artisan subjects content), such as but not limited to dance, costume, religion, and music.

Mr Deepak Tamrakar (UKNFS Arts section officer, and lead technical subject content to the Heritage information resource parallel Nepali home cookery resource: TBA) providing a Nepali dance [naach] performance at a major South Coast, South Asian [Mela] cultural event.

Sherpa Association UK, Losar (Sherpa New Year) 2020 Programme, Sherpa ladies dance group image: Ashford, Kent

UK universities national annual UK Nepali students unions societies dance competition dancers image: Bournemouth

Newari ladies costume: Nepali ladies group image from a community cultural event programme

Rushmoor Nepali ladies dance group image

Further Nepali womens costume image: with to right the wife of the former Ambassador of Nepal to the UK (H.E. Dr Subedi), and (to left) NRNA UK Vice President and UKNFS Brand Ambassador

Nepali film poster: Nepali film is shared widely in our UK Nepali community

Inside the Aldershot Buddhist Nepali community created centre

Traditional Nepali copperware food warmer canteens: Sherpa Association UK Losar 2020

Sita performance image by UKNFS special advisor Mrs Sita Maya Rajchal (a World Book of Records Holder)

Tika and Jamara

‘Murti’ (statue) of the Lord Ganesha

Aldershot:the Tibetan Buddhist Community Centre and place of worship

Thomas Pouncy, with Sadhus (Hindu Holy Men) at Pashupatinath Temple (Mandir), Kathmandu

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