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This page’s images are derived from the UKNFS support to and enablement of the Nepal Art Council (NAC), Nepal – Britain Bicentenary Exhibition, that took place at the NAC Building/Bhawan in Kathmandu in 2017.

The UKNFS established contact with the curators and archivists of approximately 10 internationally renownded museums and collections, researching their archives for historic Nepal – Britain related art; with respective institutes kindly authorising reproduction for the bicentenary exhibition in Kathmandu. This was the crucial piece of, extensive work over a year by the UKNFS that enabled the exhibition to go ahead, for the pieces of art and photography involved constituted the core content for the NAC exhibition. Link:

Assemblage of Ghoorkhas (Kumaon/Western Nepal area) 1820 BL

The King of Nepal and coutiers with representative of the British state: 19th Century

Pashupatinath in 19th Centrury RGS

Kathmandu in the 19th Century RGS S0003116

British Residency Kathmandoo 1850 BL

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