Arts & Artisanship Galleries

This gallery provides some images from arts and artisanship sections of the website.

On these subjects further valuable more in depth reading and viewing information can be found at the UKNFS enabled ‘Nepal International Arts Programme’ (NIAP) Creative Nepal website:

Work above by artist Govinda Sah ‘Azad’ (below)

Work above by artist Subash Thebe Limbu (below)

Catalogue of the Nepal Art Council (NAC), UKNFS enabled Nepal – Britain Bicentenary Exhibition. Below Meeting of UKNFS team members Alan Mercel-Sanca and Deepak Tamrakar (to right) and Mrs Swosti Rajbhandari and Mr Sagar Rana (NAC Curator and Vice President)

Ceremonial Kukri created as a presentation by the NRNA UK President Yog Kumar Phagami on the occasion of an NRNA UK led, UKNFS supported delegation to the UK Prime Minister, the Rt Hon Theresa May in regard to a Nepali inclusion on the Census 2021 hard copy form

Images below from a Mr Tom Pouncy, UKNFS advisor (Arts) from his Kathmandu visit

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